Welcome to Golden Hills Ranch Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc.                     Since June 2008
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit
We here at the ranch would like to thank you for taking a look at us and hopefully for your consideration to donating money,
time or your prays in our mission.  
Its hard work to be honest with you, i wake up every morning wondering how I'm going to make it through the day, then i
walk down to the corrals to be greeted by whinnies and big brown eyes, makes everything worth it.  
Thank you again and remember your donation is tax deductible.

C.C. Hotchkiss

Mission Statement

Our mission at Golden Hills Ranch Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc. is to improve the quality of life for all horses.  
We are a non profit 501(c)(3)  publicly funded horse rescue and our mission is to save as many horses as we can.  We are
committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of horse and equine suffering from abuse or neglect and to find homes for those
best suited to be with someone else. We also aim to improve the public awareness and knowledge of the standards of
care necessary to take care of the horse both financially and physically through educating the public on the proper care,
responsible horse ownership and all related issues involving equines.
Each year countless numbers of equines are euthanized or sold at auction,  there are those who for unforeseen
circumstances as owners they can no longer take care of their hoofed friends, or prior to buying a horse did not think of the
expense, time and energy it took to care for these animals, and there are also those who buy more horse than they can
handle at their level of riding ability.  We would love for the chance to give these horses a second chance at life and to find
them homes where they will be taken care of properly.  We take every step humanly possible to insure the new homes our
horses go to have the proper facilities, proper care, the understanding and knowledge it takes to care for a horse for the
remainder of their life .
Golden Hills Ranch Equine
Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc.
Everyone here at the ranch is into
rescues...My MALE dog Henry and his
These orphan kittens were raises by him
from the time they were two days old and
no way was he going to let his sister
have one, well he finally gave in when
they were about 4 weeks old and let her
have one, SHE didn't know what to do
with it.
Who said guys don't make good moms!!!
Just one of our permanent  
residences.  We will in the near
future be offering programs to
teach mentally and physically
challenged kids and adults.

Below is Justin who is paralyzed
and is in a wheel chair.  At 16, 25
now he was in a dirt bike accident
and everyday faithful he works
with all the horses to get them
use to those bound to the chair.  
He is also our ranch foreman and
drives, all the tractors and  make
sure all is running smoothly and
all the horses are tended to.  He
can out work most of us here and
get it done faster in that chair.
All donations be they big or small will go directly to the horses, we are all
volunteers here and your donation is tax deductible.
We could always use volunteers, so contact the Ranch if your interested.  
You must be 18 or older or have a parents signature.  You must also have a
valid ID for proof of age.  
We have a few horses that need to be exercised and if you are an
experienced (or have some time in the saddle) rider/trainer thats a huge

Make your check or money order payable to,  and mail to the following

Golden Hills Ranch  Equine Rescue
P.O. Box 632
Aguanga, CA 92536

Visitor's are welcome at the ranch but you must make an appointment.  Not
required but it would be nice if you brought a bag of carrots or some treat
for the horses.  Hay is also welcomed, these guys love to eat and be
pampered.  Go to the contact page and send me an email...Also if you
have a pair of boots, i have a muck rake there is always road apples to
pick up.

Golden Hills Ranch Equine Rescue is located at: 43945 Golden Hills Drive
Aguanga CA 92536     951-767-9331
Two best friends...The pig Wilbert thought the dog
Roxy was a great pillow.  The pig is actually asleep
in this photo.
Member Anza Valley Chamber of Commerce
Help the horses at Golden Hills Ranch and recycle at the
same time!  Donate your used ink cartridges
Mail to the PO Box listed below or drop them off at the ranch
Miabella born March
24th 2009
Black and White
FriesianxPaint Filly.
Another way you can help...Go to www.goodsearch.com  and add it to your tool
bar, it simple and quick every time you search using goodseach they will donate
funds to the rescue for binary options brokers.  
So every time you search we earn.
Just put Golden Hills Ranch Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation as your choice
for charity.
Thank You
Misty a 25+ year old OTTB
I'm sad to announce Misty past away
today May 7th 2009 at 11:22am.  Misty
had crippling injuries from her racing
career and who know what afterwards
that the pain she was in was heart
breaking.  Arrangements were made
and she is now in horse heaven...She
was a great horse with nothing but
love to give to anyone.  She will be
sorely missed.  
She was a battle worth fighting for and
great effort was put into her, i want to
thank everyone for helping this big old
girl, a tree has been planted in her
honor...I miss you baby girl, you will
aways have a place in my heart.    
You can help by sponsoring a horse check our Sanctuary Horse section.  You
can come visit with and work with the horse you sponsor.  100.00 a month for
full sponsorship, 50.00 for 1/2 sponsorship per horse.  Visit with your
sponsored horse is encouraged but not required.  
Don't know much about horses i would love to teach you.  
Closed toes shoes required at visit.
Check out our new blog
Buttercup Draft cross and one of our
therapy horses passed Aug 2, 2009
This is one that will be missed she
was a extremely kind mare.  
The picture here shows Chris who is
21 years old and autistic working
We are going to miss this big old girl
and my heart is broken...She is the
reason why i started this rescue.  
In your honor Butter many horses will
have a chance for a new life, I will
never forget you, nor will anyone else
whose heart you touched.  

Due to the lack of funds and limited donations, we are going to have to limit the amount of horses we take in here.  We
here totally understand that people need to take care of their families first, as it should be...donations have not been
coming in and I'm looking for ways to raise funds.  If anyone out there has any good ideas I'm open to hearing them.  
When one horse leaves we can take in one more...I have been supporting this rescue out of my pocket, tho we would love
to take in every horse, we cant...should say i cant afford it.  Things will turn around i have faith, when things are down
there is only one way to go...thats up.  
We are looking forward to expanding towing calgary one day...Our goal is to put in a large pasture area(s) where horses that are un
adoptable for one reason or the other can live their life out as a horse should...free to roam, in a contained area of
coarse, so they are taken care of.  This requires funding for fencing and shelters, then there's the labor involved.  It kills
us inside having to say this, we would like nothing more than to take them all in...we need help.  I'm normally not the type
to ask for it but, if we are to continue we need the help of those around us.  
So many horses have come through our gates, we fix them up and send them off to their new homes...so far knock on
wood...im very pleased that those who have left our ranch are still with their loving families, there have been no
returns...unless the adopter adopted a new horse to add to their corral.  I miss them all, they have left a little of
themselves in our hearts.
We need your help, don't worry if your donation is small...every dollars helps to book of ra.  If you use PayPal mark it as a gift or, they
will take a % of your donation from us.  If you have fund raising ideas, do share...If you would like to hold an event for the
rescue, lets talk.  One person cannot do this, it takes an army...join our battle...we want no horse to end up at auction...If
we don't have room for your horse here, we will do our best to find some place for your horse to go, thats safe and in a
loving environment.  We want only the best for every horse, not just the horses here.  Please help us help them.
Also with our workability program we could use your help, please donate plants, or funds to buy plants.  These kids that
come here are amazing and they enjoy coming here...We receive zero funding for this, we volunteer our time 4 days a
week several hours a day to these kids...Most are autistic or have behavior problems...Let me just tell you they are all
great here, well behaved and the staff is wonderful also that comes with them.  Contact C.C. @ 951-767-9331 if you
would like to drop off or arrange for pickup of plants and trees.

Cherrio had her filly March 25th, 2010010 a beautiful FriesianxTB, she will be registered Friesian Sport Horse.  Mom and
baby are happy and healthy.
Visitor from UHS
School Hemet
campus.  21 Autistic
kids we had a
blast...pigs were a hit
everyone like them
some were not to sure
about the horses but
all went great, looking
forward to their next
visit.  All the horses
especially Cowboy
handled this large
crowd  like old pros.
Thanks kiddos for the
great cards and
letters i will treasure
them forever.

This rescue does not have
any attachments business
wise to any other horse
rescues, or persons claiming
to belong to, or claiming to be
a  part of  this rescue.
All horses that come into the
rescue are handed over to
me and if you didn't talk to me
personally then I'm sorry
someone claiming to be a
part of us has your horse.
People please be careful who
you hand the lead rope with
your horse attached to, that
horse is relies on you to make
sure they are in safe hands.  
Please don't be afraid to ask
for an ID.

Thank You
C.C. Hotchkiss
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Our newest addition Buddy a Arab cross, a
dream to work with and as you can see from
the photos, passed the therapy horse test
with flying colors.
Also in photos Justin Hood our ranch
Available for Adoption
At the present time no horses are available for adoption...Due to the pre
adoption contacts filled by those who are ready to adopt  we have been
luck to place as soon as the horses some in, or upon rehab.  If you are
looking to adopt, please let us know what you are looking for.  We are
even willing to hook you up with those who have horses that need to be
placed and you and their owner can work out the details...we don't have
room for every horse out there and this is a free service we provide.  Any
arrangements made by those we connect, its upon them to research
prospective homes, to make sure their horse is going to a good
home...We want every montway horse to have a home and someone to care for
them.  Together we can do this, our wish is to see no horse reach the
auction sites.
Send me an email with what your looking for...enclude your experience,
be honest and make sure you are able to afford taking in a large animal
and your committed to this 100%.  We will check you out, we want the
horses going to the best home possible, some have been through
enough...they don't need more heartache.
We do get a lot of registered horses, some that have shown...We have a
few in rehab, getting refreshed that are healthy and sound...They will be
available soon.
Justin working our newest therapy prospect
Kevin the acompaƱantes Bogota Mule